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Theory Y™ Technologies is a global information technology solutions & products company, offering progressive & full stack end-to-end Software Product Development.


Who is Theory Y™ Technologies?

Why wait for evolution, When revolution disrupts?

We are disruptors by nature. We love doing it and we're passionate about it. We develop innovative technology products using Agile and Lean Methodologies and add value to every stage of your Product's Life Cycle.

Theory Y™ Technologies is a global information technology solutions & products company, offering progressive & full stack end-to-end Software Product Development. We are Passionate about Engineering amazing Technology Products!

Our aim is to deliver breakthrough products and solutions that make our clients successful. By doing this, we intend to become a top global product development company by the year 2020.

The best qualities in everyone is naturally acquired. We desire, dream, and drive ourselves to bring the best of our creativity to engineer and build great products.

We are not a traditional software tech house. We venture to partner with those who want to solve real and original problems using technology as a tool.

The core of Theory Y™ Motivational Principles embodies the ingenuity of people who naturally are able to do exceedingly great and bring out their best of creativity.

As a Venture Technologist™ (VT), we invest our technology expertise in product engineering and development, building a portfolio of technology investments.

Our Motivation

A “million dollar idea” is worthless without the right execution. It’s all about the execution, and execution is making things happen, whether it is for pure play product development for businesses or ambitious startups, it usually means making change happen.


We understand the importance of change and it’s challenges within your business. Our Agile practitioners will assist you to effect change and maintain your competitive edge.


We can leverage our decades of technology leadership and business domain expertise, in assisting and implementing the right technologies that will become your driving force.


Our proven methodologies and continuous delivery will ensure seamless product outcomes, thereby accelerating your business to reach its target audience faster.

My company, Smart-ER, could not be happier with the IT planning, design, and continuous development and operations capabilities of Theory Y Technologies. The team is pleasant, articulate, detail-oriented and had always been completing jobs on time. We are currently working on several projects in the Healthcare Space built in both JAVA and Python/Django hosted on a secure cloud network using multi-mode communication gateways and complying to various healthcare standards like HIPAA. Theory-Y’s breadth of services and depth of talent is quite impressive!

Dr. Tom Scaletta,

ED Chair and PX Medical Director, Edward-Elmhurst Health, CEO of Smart ER LLC.

Like many founders, the process of finding the right team to build my product was challenging. Partnering with Theory-Y has been the best decision our company (Atmosphere) has made on its our journey to bring a new idea to life. Theory-Y is a young company, comprised of talented software engineers, designers and an experienced management team. The founders of Theory-Y are successful business owners in their own right, an important attribute – knowing that the management team know the ropes. Theory-Y have been great partners. I’m happy to be on this journey with them!

Phil Weinstein,

Director at Walt Disney Studios, LA, CEO of Atmosphere LLC.